Ways of contracting HIV

There are several proven ways of contracting HIV. The virus can be transmitted only when the penetration into the body fluids of any kind, containing the germs immunodeficiency virus. The human body produces 4 types of liquids that can be a carrier of the infection. This is blood fluid, the male sperm and female vaginal discharge and the mother’s milk. Infection can only occur if the infected fluid penetrating into the body contained a sufficient amount of pathogen and if the infection has penetrated in human blood.

Absolutely prove three main ways of contracting HIV. The first – sexual way, the second – by direct contact infected blood with healthy, a third – from the mother who was a carrier of the virus to the baby.

The first (sexual) way immunodeficiency virus is very likely in the exercise of sexual intercourse without using a condom at the same time. In this case sperm, HIV infection or female discharge through the mucous membrane penetrates into the tissue partner, and later in his blood.

The second mode of transmission (through blood) may occur under the following conditions: do not use disposable needles and other medical devices contact different persons, the application has not passed sterilization tool for drawing tattoo, in the process of blood transfusion, and infection may not only people who blood transfusions, but the donor.

The third mode of transmission (from mother to child transmission) can occur: during childbearing, at birth (already out of contact with maternal blood), during lactation (contaminated milk can cause infection child’s blood).

All registered cases of HIV infection in the world are distributed in the ways of infection as follows: sexual way – 70-80%, who injects drugs  5, 10%, occupational exposure of health workers – less than 0, 01%, transfusion of infected blood – 3-5%; by pregnant or nursing mother to child ? 5, 10%.

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