Today, prevention of HIV infection is the most effective way to combat the dangerous disease. Scientists around the world are doing everything possible to soon be developed an effective tool against HIV. And although some progress in this area is a vaccine against infection has not yet invented. Therefore, prevention of HIV – is a reliable and secure way to protect against infection, and the results depend on the behavior of each person. One of the most important areas of HIV prevention can be considered prevention of vertical transmission of HIV infection that is – passing of a preventive treatment for pregnant women who are carriers of human immunodeficiency virus.

This therapy is aimed at the maximum reduction in risk of the child in utero. Caesarean section, which replaces the natural childbirth, breastfeed the baby, which was born from an infected mother – is also a way of HIV prevention. One of the major achievements of the prevention of HIV infection in the past few years was to develop methods to reduce the risk of HIV transmission from infected mother to child during birth. If no special treatment of the average risk of having a child with HIV infection is 15-25% in Europe and the United States and 30-40% in Africa, through preventive treatment courses of antiviral drug AZT, the risk can be reduced by 2 / 3. In this case, treatment is not to achieve a sustained improvement in maternal health and to reduce the risk of having a child with HIV. After birth, treatment is stopped. In order to quickly identify infected pregnant women and to take preventive measures to prevent contamination of the child, they introduced mandatory testing for HIV. Couples legally marry, may voluntarily be tested for AIDS.

Since the largest number of HIV infections worldwide are sexually transmitted and injection drug users – that is in the process of behavior that people in most cases can alter and control of their own accord – the main part of preventive work are so-called “behavioral interventions” education, training and support aimed at reducing individual risk of infection. Prevention of sexual transmission has of particular importance. Are at increasing risk, attribute especially the younger generation. Today, HIV is to conduct outreach to youth, explain the importance of using condoms to protect against possible infection.HIV prevention

The younger generation should know all about modes of transmission of the disease and how you can safely avoid HIV infection. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of public service announcements on television and in the media, as well as the role of HIV counselors. Currently, consultants are not only explaining to young people and safe sex precautions when consuming drugs injectors. Their task was to develop a proper approach and response, if suddenly confirmed positive test for HIV, the rules of conduct and actions to be taken immediately. Plays an important role and psychological assistance to relatives and friends infected person. If we talk about prevention of infection through blood, it must be remembered about the rules of personal hygiene when using toiletries. First and foremost, it concerns items that can cause injury, and which may be kept traces of blood (scissors, forceps, razors, etc.).In health facilities, sterilization is mandatory, as well as HIV testing of donated blood. Preventive measures should be accompanied by advocacy, promotion of healthy lifestyles, the call-out of drugs, casual sexual relations, caring for the health of a permanent partner. It must be remembered that much easier to avoid HIV infection than to cure disease acquired. Every effort should be to this terrible disaster took place on the side of us and our loved from. You can create as many pages like this one or sub-pages as you like and manage all of your content inside of WordPress.

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